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Bio-Identical Hormones

What are Bio-Identical Hormones?

The reason bio-identical hormones are so appealing is that they are identical in structure and function to the hormones naturally produced in our bodies. Unlike animal-derived pharmaceutical hormones, bio-identicals are plant derived and are identical to human hormones. Therefore, our bodies can metabolize them with little to no side effects.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) can correct hormonal imbalances in women and men. BHRT restores certain hormones to levels that mimic youth, which in turn helps many of the undesirable effects of aging.

Undesirable effects/symptoms of aging may include:

Loss of concentration and memory
Increased anxiety, depression, and/or mood swings
Decreased sex drive
Loss of muscle strength and lean muscle
Hot flashes/night sweats
Easily Fatigued
Weight gain despite eating less and exercising more
Thinning skin, brittle nails, hair falling out
Cold “all of the time”

Why Should You Consider BHRT?

You desire a natural approach to hormone replacement for menopause
You have tried “everything”, seen numerous providers, and still do not feel well

When should I consider BHRT?

In general, your body’s natural hormones start to decline in your 20’s. Hormonal imbalance symptoms may start to occur in your 30’s. Men and women often start replacing hormones between the ages of 35 and 40.
In our practice, we strive to treat each patient as an individual. There is no “one size fits all”! When striving for health and longevity, it requires treating the whole person, not just the hormones. We include recommendations for supplementation, healthy eating, exercise, and stress management. Hormones alone will not keep you healthy or feeling good, but they are the key to most of the body’s functions and are an important part of good health and wellness.

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